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We keep an artist residency program since 2007 and has received more than 120 artists in residence processes in this innovative program aimed at the integration of contemporary art, ecology and sustainability. We believe that art can be deeply linked to the creative transformation of the world in social and environmental challenges we face. You can now participate in the following ways Collective seasons or Flexible Residence:


Collective seasons

Group residence. With some theme in common, the artists intensify the collective exchanges. At the end of the period, there is an open event.

Upcoming collective seasons:

"ART and MAGIC" - from 20 to 28 February  2024

Including experiences on shamanism, tarot, crystals and more.


Flexible Residence

"ART and MAGIC"+ Flexible froom 14 January to 03  February  2023

or Send your proposal and the dates you'd like to be with us in a private room and participating in the ecovillage life.

How does the Collective Residence Season work?

The Collective Season is a way to gather around a certain number of artist in the same period, to grant the most effective residence in Terra UNA. In our 10 years experience, the exchange between artists with the curators' and facilitators' follow-ups is one of the main factors that make artistic work in 1 month of residency correspond to 6 months up to one year of production in studio usual conditions with the dispersions of the city and everyday life.

Artists are accommodated in private or shared rooms in Cristália and Beija-Flor houses, pretty near to community center where kitchen, dining room, housing, and main room are and also where workshops are ministrated. We follow an ecovillage everyday routine that include meals, sharing, meditations, group work, activities for children, workshops and hikings/trekkings. Every single artist join ecovillages activities in order of his/hers interests and creates his/her own work dynamic. We have a specific agenda for the Collective Season that includes the projects follow-ups and collective happenings proposed by participants and facilitators 

como funciona
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The Artistic Residence  in TERRA UNA functions in a coworking mode. Where each artist finances their own stay.
All artistic fields are accepted. We do not make a selection, but a validation of the projects. The artist responds to a questionnaire that includes his proposal, biography and his/hers particular needs.
The Terra UNA team evaluates the feasibility and adequacy of the proposal to the context of the ecovillage and talks with each subscriber to make sure that we have conditions to welcome his/her proposal.
(This may take a while, be patience :)
Yes, we value who inscribes first, but the most important is the proposal's suitability to the ecovillage.
Once the project is validated, the artist makes a first deposit and combines the remaining form of payment.

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lanca poa
pes marcone
mural de azulejo
paulo nazareth
pisar barro
grupo 2010
liberbom cintia
noite tarta julio
caxu marconi
caxu grupo 2008 julio
sala de leitura43 lucas dupim
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fogueira marconi

We offer: 


_Room (private or shared)

_Egg-lacto-vegetarian food (3 meals a day)

_Work space atelier or multipurpose space

_Wireless internet 

_Access to the common areas of the ecovillage and forest reserve RPPN Terra UNA

_Artistic accompaniment


* Accepted projects receive a letter of invitation for funding raising. * The accompaniment is included in the collective seasons.

At the Flexible residence, ask for availability.


Collective spaces

_ Cristália's multipurpose room. 4x8m

_ Beija Flor's coworking room

_ Terra UNA's multipurpose room. 10x8m

_ Weaving and Sewing Atelier _ Pottery studio * with 2 ceramic wheels, gas oven, manual extrude

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atividads especiais

frequently asked questions


Is it possible to stay only part of the season or to visit the ecovillage in the period?
Yes, it is possible to come as a visitor and participate at the open activities of the residence or enrolling in the courses. Reservations can be made by the website soon. Please inquire about the conditions and residence values ​​of the flexible residence. To use the studios you must validate your project in the same application form.

Can I go on another date?
Now it is possible to come at any time of the year, this is what we call Flexible Residence. Registration is done by the same form.

Accompanying persons
It is possible to receive companions or children during the whole period of the residence or in visits. The values ​​for companions and activities of the holiday colony are paid separately.

perguntas frq

Activities included in the Collective Season

Art and Magic
20 to 28.01.24




Project Tracking with Curator Bianca Bernardo

Magus Artist with Nadam Guerra

Shamanic Experience with Shaman Regina Cohen (israel / usa)

Astrological encounter with Tatiana Podlubny

Terra UNA summer season activities (walking, yoga, meditation, bonfires)

Natural food

Lodging (private rooms, lodging or camping)

Collective Workshops

Registration and process documentation



Participation in an exhibition in Rio de Janeiro in 2023

curated by Bianca Bernardo and Nadam Guerra.

Participation in the project catalog


Have children?

Summer camp for children 5 to 12.

Children's activities are an artistic residence for children. Games, vegetable garden, forest expeditions, music, art, permaculture, dance.


The values ​​include: Accommodation, full meals, internet.

The Collective Season also includes follow-up, workshops and participation in the virtual catalog.

Art and magic residency

20 to 18.01.24
private room > U$ 900

Flexible +
Art and Magic

14.01 a 03.02.23

private room > U$ 1700*


check availability*

from R$ 1200 / moth




Please read the information and registration form before contacting us: 




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